Thursday, August 2, 2018

Reimagining the Blog

So its been almost another two years of not checking in here, but I still can't pull the trigger on killing the blog. I have updated all of the administrative stuff and cleaned a few things up, as I move forward with re-imagining the blog. Over the very infrequent postings of the past few years, topics aside from history and the public history field have crept onto the page. I'm fine with that, but I don't want to go on an all-out redesign and start blogging about disc golf and stuff. Any of you who follow me on social media are well-aware of my concert going, craft beer chasing, and disc golfing adventures. So I do want to keep this mainly about history and I will strive to get better about posting occasional thoughts here again. I have updated the "What I'm Reading" section so that's the latest news. In the coming days, I hope to post a synopsis of a conference I recently attended, parts of which have already been well-chronicled by Kevin Levin over at Civil War Memory. Until then....

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