Friday, October 28, 2016

Long Time, No Post

Well I'll be damned! It's been over three years since I posted on this blog. I remember after the first year of inactivity thinking what I should do about it, and here I am two years later having done nothing. I was prompted to take a look as I was cleaning out bookmarks on my computer. I had a whole folder full of links to blogs, many of which have completely disappeared or, like this one, have been dormant for a year or longer. I deleted three-fourths of the links in that folder and it got me to thinking about this blog and the state of blogging in general. I think the rapid rise of social media has stifled some bloggers (I know it has for me). It seems so much easier to post things on Facebook than to write about them on a blog. There is an element of blogging that I miss, so I'm still not completely sure what I'm going to do with this page just yet. A few notes:

1. I have updated much of the basic info on the blog, including my blog roll, web links, What I'm Currently Reading, etc. So all of the basics are up-to-date.

2. I thought about all that's happened in my life since I last posted on the blog, and the two biggest changes are that I got married in December 2015 to a wonderful woman who is a high school art teacher, and I've become much more involved in the disc golf community. In fact, disc golf has taken over primacy in my list of hobbies, supplanting living history/reenacting as the top hobby on my list. A former boss of mine told me that one day I would burn out on living history considering it is such a large part of my job, and by golly it took quite awhile, but she has been proven correct. I'm not totally burned out on it, but I'm certainly much more selective about which/how many events I do each year. Lots of times I'd rather be at a disc golf tournament or concert than at a reenactment, and that's OK.

So here I am, wondering what to do with this long-neglected blog. I'll think it over for awhile. It may go dormant for another three years (let's hope not) and in the end, I may decide to shut it down after all. In the meantime, I have lots of mid-term exams to grade before heading out for four days for our Division's historic weapons training and certification class, which of course I am in charge of. After that, who knows?

Thanks for reading this long overdue check in! Cheers!


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