Saturday, September 22, 2012

I'm Still Here, Part Deux

Once again, I come to you after a month of not posting. Let's just say that September has pretty well kicked my butt and leave it at that. October looks to be even crazier, but hopefully in a better, more positive way. Here's the wrap up:

Good - got a promotion on August 15 (same job, plus added duties for a 10% raise)

Neutral - lots of projects coming due at the same time equals very busy me

Not so good - maternal grandmother and father passed away within four days of one another, leading to multiple funerals and all the stuff that goes along with those kinds of life altering events.

Also lost in all this were two trips to Pennsylvania (one for obvious reasons). I know most of you were already aware of all the things listed above and I hope you'll forgive the redundancy.

Alas, I have not forgotten the blog, but have not had time to really write much at all that isn't required by work. There will be plenty of material to blog about in October and I hope to be able to keep up with all of it.

Finally, for anyone who might be interested, I am now on Twitter (@ADuppstadt). Not sure how much of the blog I'll be posting there as it is already posted to Facebook whenever Networked Blogs is working properly. And, for what its worth, I'm also on LinkedIn. You can find me in any of those locales even when I'm not blogging about something!

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Jessica said...

Again, my condolences. And here's hoping for a much easier going October for all of us, ok?