Thursday, August 23, 2012

I'm Still Here

Honestly, I've been extremely busy, but not with anything that's particularly blog worthy. Since my last post over a month ago I have been working on numerous projects at work, finished up my summer session classes, and started fall semester. This semester, aside from my usual community college courses, I am teaching one online section of American History I for UNC-Pembroke. I am excited about the opportunity; I have taught at the university level before, but it was almost ten years ago and it was a brief stint. I am only one week into fall semester and the good folks at Pembroke have already scheduled me for the same class in the spring. I certainly have to thank my good buddy Ryan Anderson, coordinator of Pembroke's American Studies program for hooking me up with the department and setting me on the path to this opportunity. And, as with most situations in life, I've found that the administrative assistant in the department is one of the most important people to know as she has helped me deal with a lot of situations already, which has kept me from having to make a three hour drive to the campus. I'd like to visit one of these days, but it would have been just a bit inconvenient to do so anytime over the past couple of weeks. So, here's looking forward to a new semester while trying to keep up with all the other plates that are spinning. You know, I'd be bored if it were any easier (or at least that's what I keep telling myself).

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