Thursday, August 6, 2009

Odds and Ends

Haven't posted to the blog lately because there hasn't been much happening. I finally wrapped up my summer session and am now looking forward to three classes this fall (the aforementioned US History I, plus two sections of US History II at the other college). But, I'm glad to have a few weeks off to catch my breath first.

I've gotten quite a few books lately, through various sources. Without going into much detail, here's a list: Commanding Lincoln's Navy, Wars Within a War, Eagles and Empire, American Heroes, Peaceable Kingdom Lost, and Rommel: Leadership Lessons from the Desert Fox. A number of these titles were backorders and special deals from History Book Club, but a couple were also freebies that I picked up. And yes, that is a random World War II title thrown in there at the end. One of my nicknames that I've picked up over the years is "Rommel." I received it from my mates in the living history group. They aren't prepared to call me Hitler, so they took it down a step. Just because I have a highly organized and efficient German nature, doesn't make me a Nazi, but they think its funny. At any rate, I was interested in the "leadership lessons" part of this book, which is why I picked it up.

I also invested $20 in a used flatbed scanner so I could make digital reproductions of two or three boxes worth of photos from childhood, high school, college, and beyond. So far it's working well. I doubt you'll see too many of those photos here on the blog, but if you are friends with me on Facebook you will be able to see quite a few of them!

Life right now is relatively mundane, but I'll keep things fresh on here as much as I can. Things get busier the closer we get to fall, so keep checking back with me!

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