Thursday, August 13, 2009

Brandywine Battlefield to be Closed - Please Help!

Here's a link to the article in the Philadelphia Enquirer

Here's a link you can use to help Save Brandywine

In an update I saw yesterday, it appears that there's been a tentative agreement reached to keep the site open. Unfortunately, staff members are "volunteering" until a long-term agreement can be worked out. Please also see Eric Wittenberg's comment on this matter.

And, further updates found in this article. (8/21/09)


Eric Wittenberg said...


While I detest the thought of this happening, it's not entirely accurate to say that the battlefield is closing. In fact, this park includes only Washington's headquarters, a visitor's center, and a couple of other historic houses. It does NOT include any of the actual battlefield.

The actual battlefield is entirely in private hands, and most of it has been developed. That's one of the wealthiest suburbs in the Philadelphia area, and that's some very high priced real estate. The battlefield itself was lost many years ago.


Andrew Duppstadt said...

Thanks for filling me in Eric. I've never been to Brandywine so I was not aware of the nuances of the site. They say the site has 52 acres of land; so that's not actual battlefield land? Interesting. BTW, who actually runs that property? Is it the non-profit group or the PHMC? I'm still unclear. Thanks!

Eric Wittenberg said...


Those 52 acres are not actual battlefield land. They are behind the American lines, but they are not battlefield ground.

Those 52 acres are owned by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. It's a state park.

The main battlefield proper is entirely in private hands, and most of it has been developed into housing subdivisions.

There is, for instance, a winery on a significant portion of the battlefield.