Friday, November 30, 2018

November, I Hardly Knew You

The months of October and November were extremely busy, but definitely in a good kind of way. I've been afforded opportunities to visit places I'd never been and meet new people. The past six weeks seems like a whirlwind and now we turn the calendar from November to December and prepare for all the end of year/holiday/new year activities that are on the horizon. So what's been happening? A whole lot.

The last weekend in October found me in Pennsylvania for my youngest cousin's wedding. Though the weather was pretty awful the whole time I was there, it was an absolutely delightful wedding and reception. The opportunities to hang out with my cousins seem to be fewer and farther between, so it was nice to spend some time enjoying their company.

While in PA, my brother and I also had the chance to check off a bucket list item for our mom (and us too, if we're being honest). We got to see the Steelers play the Browns at Heinz Field. It was fun being a part of the "Yinzer Mob" (seen on a banner in the stadium) for one game.

The first week in November brought the opportunity to see new places and meet new people when I attended the Civil War Trails, Inc. Board meeting in Frederick, MD. On the trip up I took a side jaunt to Harper's Ferry and Charles Town, WV. A return trip when I have more time to spend is definitely warranted. Along with meeting new folks, I also got to reconnect with some that I had not seen in a number of years. It was just a good time all around, with great people.

Of course, the usual work activities are always made more enjoyable thanks to the awesome folks I get to work with.

And finally, my favorite holiday has always been Thanksgiving, which is a great way to wrap up such a busy few weeks. My wife's family holds their reunion on Thanksgiving so it ends up being an entire day of eating and visiting. What more could you ask for? Here, my wife supervisors her cousin making his awesome shrimp stew.

So now the Christmas decorations are up, I'm finally giving in and listening to Christmas music in my office on this last day in November, and looking forward to two disc golf tournaments between now and the holidays. Here's to a great final month of 2018!

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