Saturday, April 5, 2008


As you may have picked up on from reading this blog, our living history group's membership and scope of interpretation has increased tremendously over the past year or so. Whereas we started out doing Civil War Navy and Marine Corps exclusively, we have now branched out to include naval impressions from the 1770s and 1812, as well as adding a Continental Line impression for the 1770s. If you want to see it all you can go to our unit's website, the Carolina Living History Guild. What this leads to is a wonderful diversity of programs throughout the year, but it also leads to tough decisions about which programs to attend and which to cut. Obviously we can't do every program that comes our way due to our lives outside the hobby. This year we have no fewer than 20 events on our schedule, and I will personally do 30 or more because of my line of work.

We have just hit our biggest logjam of the year, with two programs in April and two more in May. Its a good problem to have, but on the weekend of May 3-4 we had to pick from three events. All three events have their pros and cons, and all are within a 90-minute drive of each other. We talked about splitting our crew and covering two of the three (knowing there's no possible way to do them all). In the end we chose one and made it a maximum effort event. Like I said, its nice to have these problems, but we do miss out on some good programs in the process. As for the May 3 program, you'll have to wait until I blog about it to find out more.

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