Friday, August 26, 2011

Riding Out Another One

Well, contrary to my last post, things really have slowed down, but only because we are currently experiencing Hurricane Irene. The Flags Over Hatteras event was obviously cancelled due to the impending doom, so no cannon firing this weekend. Luckily, Irene is turning out to be a little bit tamer than we expected, which is always nice. What appeared earlier in the week to be a solid Category 3 storm has downgraded to a low Category 2 and that certainly makes us happy. Sure there will still be some damage, flooding, etc., but it shouldn't be nearly as bad as we initially thought. We are scheduled to get the worst of it tomorrow, late morning or early afternoon. I have plenty of reading material to keep me occupied if the power goes out (or even if it doesn't). Not exactly how I intended to spend my weekend, but at least I'm doing something productive - I'm reading over and editing my wife's exhibit text for the Civil War exhibit she is curating at her museum. If you are in the storm's path stay safe. The rest of you have a good weekend!

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Jessica said...

Brings back memories of hurricanes and good books in the dark. Hope you have a head lamp. Stay safe, and stay dry!