Saturday, May 14, 2011

Time to Catch Up

Well friends, I have let the blog languish for a little while now, but my plan was to do one big post encompassing last month's events at Fort Dobbs and Plymouth, as well as this weekend's 240th Battle of Alamance commemoration. Obviously I am not now at Alamance and with reason - I have dislocated my right ankle and it looks like I'll be laid up for about 12 weeks. This should give me ample time to catch up on this long-neglected blog of mine so stay tuned over the next few months. I hope to get caught up on event postings like the ones mentioned above, as well as a book review or two and maybe some other general thoughts and observations. Maybe this break in the action is just what I needed to get this blog jump started.


Jessica said...

Crap! Sorry to hear about your ankle. Hoping for speedy healing!

Andrew Duppstadt said...

Thanks Jess! Hoping to get more info today on how we are going to proceed with the ankle (i.e. surgery or casting without surgery). Obviously I'm hoping to avoid surgery.