Monday, May 16, 2011

Plymouth Event Report

We have always said that the draw for us in attending this event each year is that it is the only event we go to that we are able to work on a boat. Once again this year we manned the replica 30-foot steam launch and took to the Roanoke River to do battle against the replica ironclad CSS Albemarle. The weather was beautiful this year and we had a blast! Al Mitchell and I manned the bow gun, while Myron Rolston and Connor Jeannerette served as riflemen. Chris Grimes was at the helm, with Allen Mordica as our Boatswain/Coxswain. We almost as much time on the water as on land, which is always a good day. I didn't stick around for Sunday's activities, but I heard that a good time was had by all. It appears that this was my last true reenactment for awhile, so I'm doubly glad that I attended!

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