Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Commemorating the Scuttling of an Ironclad

On Saturday, March 12 the CSS Neuse State Historic Site in Kinston commemorated the anniversary of the scuttling of the ship and honored the crew members who served on board. Our living history group was there portraying the crew of the ironclad. We had five displays for folks to look at and we were able to crew the 3-inch ordnance rifle, borrowed from Bentonville Battlefield for artillery demonstrations throughout the day.

The US Colored Troop Symposium was also in Kinston that weekend and they brought all their folks out to the site to commemorate and honor over 20 black men from Lenoir County who enlisted in USCT units during the war. It turned out to be a very nice day and a fairly well-attended program. The Kinston Free Press gave the event good coverage as well.

This was our only unit event scheduled for March, so we are taking a much needed breather. April will be moderately busy, but May and June will be absolutely crazy.

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