Saturday, July 24, 2010


OK, I know I've been real slack on the blog here lately, but there honestly hasn't been a whole lot happening. As I mentioned before, our living history group basically took the month of July off and the first half of the month wasn't terribly busy at work. So there's just not been a lot to write about. I've used the month to catch up with old friends, take care of stuff around the house, and generally relax. Summer session classes are winding down, so I'll soon be turning in grades as well. However, here are a few notes to update all you loyal readers.

First, I would recommend everyone go read Drew Wagenhoffer's recent book review at Civil War Books and Authors on a book about the Mississippi River ironclad USS Carondelet. His review is very good. I also reviewed this book for the Nautical Research Journal. I generally agree with Drew's assessment, but I had a couple of criticisms as well. Overall it's a great book so go read Drew's review and pick up a copy if you are so inclined.

On the work front, most everyone in our office participated in some way in last week's Summer Teacher Institute sponsored by the NC Dept. of Cultural Resources. My boss was involved with the whole week's activities, while I simply attended the field trip day to Bentonville Battlefield and helped with an artillery demonstration. With the teacher institute over, we are turning our attention to our site staff and organizing a one-day workshop for historic interpreters which will be held this coming Thursday in Raleigh. We'll be talking about a lot of different topics from program planning to dealing with difficult subject matter to the new historic interpreter certification program we are beginning to develop. Should be very informative for them and for us.

Finally, I'll be doing a little side project on Monday to make a little extra cash. A documentary is being made about Fort Holmes, one of the defensive works in the Cape Fear located on Smith Island (now Bald Head Island). Me and a few other guys are going over to the island, which is now a private residential island, to do a Civil War photo shoot. We're taking every piece of Civil War clothing we have and will pose for photos at various locations and in various uniforms. We're getting paid pretty well to do it, so I think it will be worth it whether it's fun or not.

That's about all I have for now. Our next living history program isn't until August 14 so we still have a few weeks off. I'll update as warranted.

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Le Loup said...

Ah, that civil war, a little late for me. Good to see another history blog though, well done.
Regards, Le Loup.