Friday, July 2, 2010


Things have been pretty quiet around here since our War of 1812 event. We had a small living history program last Saturday at the NC Maritime Museum in Beaufort, NC. There were only three of us there, but it was a nice day. We saw about 300 visitors and enjoyed a nice presentation about the occupation of Beaufort during the Civil War by Dr. Judkin Browning of Appalachian State University.

Due to a lack of interest on the part of our living history group we have decided to cancel our participation in the July 17-18 living history program at Fort Macon and take the month of July off. It seems like the first half of 2010 has flown by and none of us has really had a chance to catch our breath. I think the break will be good for us, give us some time to tend to other things in our lives, and relax a bit. Our next event won't be until August 14 and we'll have a break after that until November. Most of the folks in our group will be doing events with other units in September and October (we all have little side projects, as I like to call them) but the Carolina Living History Guild as a group will have nothing on its calendar for a few months. I'm not worried about it; I certainly have plenty to keep me busy.

I hope everyone has a nice July 4th holiday. Have fun and be safe. Oh yeah, and while you're at it reflect on our nation's founding and independence. After all, that's what the day is all about. We'll be firing the cannon at Fort Macon on that day in honor of our nation's past, present, and future. Y'all come see us if you're down at the beach!

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