Friday, April 30, 2010

This One's for You, Eric Jeanneret

OK, so it's been three weeks since my last post. Last weekend at the Plymouth reenactment, one of our shipmates from the Tidewater Maritime Living History Association (TMLHA), Eric Jeanneret reminded me of how slack I've been on the blog lately. So, this post is for Eric (and all the rest of you who may have been wondering what the hell happened to me).

April was definitely a busy month. The Fort Dobbs event, War for Empire 1760, was a very good event. I spent much of the weekend with friends from Tryon Palace and was given the opportunity to run the swivel gun during the battle scenarios on Saturday and Sunday. Aside from the fact that I was sick all weekend (either from allergies or a spring cold, I can't tell which) my first French & Indian War event was great and I hope to do more at Fort Dobbs in the future.

As previously mentioned, last weekend was the annual reenactment at Plymouth, NC. We were joined by our shipmates from TMLHA, had a generally good time in camp, enjoyed some of Eric's excellent cooking, and got to work on the 30-foot steam launch, which is always a pleasure. A damper was put on the whole weekend, however, when one of the artillery crews had an accident during the land battle Saturday afternoon. Two crew members were injured, one of the seriously. I've spent much of this week trying to answer questions that I can't because I didn't actually see what happened.

So that pretty much sums up my month. The Stanley Cup playoffs are in full swing. My Pens are in the second round. Me and the boss starting painting our new offices today and will hopefully be able to move into them soon. May is going to be busy, but maybe I can keep up a little better. We'll see.....

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