Wednesday, February 24, 2010

145th Fort Anderson a Good Event

I've been delayed in posting about the 145th Fort Anderson event due to lots of meetings this week and the head cold I brought home with me from the event. As previously mentioned, our merry little band gave up the navy impression for the weekend and fielded as Union infantry. Though we did have a few experienced ground pounders in our company, we generally looked pretty damn bad, but we had fun doing it. For most of the weekend, our company was paired with the 88th NY, a group from the Myrtle Beach area. Our two companies operated pretty much together on both days. Saturday's Battle of Fort Anderson was good, but I think Sunday's Battle of Town Creek was even more fun. Though we were ragged most of the weekend, our company had a couple of really solid volleys on Sunday; we almost started to look like a real infantry unit. The weather was beautiful all weekend, though cold at night, hence my current illness. The folks at Brunswick Town-Fort Anderson put on a good event that was enjoyed by reenactors and spectators alike.
Our company and the 88th NY (to the right of us) preparing to march toward the battlefield on Sunday.

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