Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Photo from Reilly Dedication

I just wanted to post a photo someone sent me from this past weekend's marker dedication ceremony for Major James Reilly. The photo shows our crew (one of three artillery pieces present) with the battery commander standing on the hill behind us. The ceremony was very nice, even though we had to endure one particularly over the top speech by an SCV official who wasn't even on the program, but was a last second addition invited by someone other than the ceremony's organizer. Luckily, I was in such a position that I couldn't hear much of anything, but what I did hear was more than enough to make me grit my teeth and simmer a bit. Sources tell me that most of the other folks who were present were not happy that this individual had been inserted into the lineup. Otherwise, it was a lovely ceremony and we managed to get the cannons loaded up and hauled out before the rain started. I also briefly visited General W.H.C. Whiting's grave and Captain Joseph Price's grave.


Kim said...

While at Whiting's grave, did you say "hello" to Sister Cecilia?

Was the SCV guy's speech a throwback to the Jim Crow era?

Andrew Duppstadt said...

Well Kim, I don't know about Jim Crow era, but this should get the point across: the only two phrases I heard from his entire speech were "the South was right" and "...liberal, revisionist historians...". One of my friends heard something about a line in the sand as well. Get the idea?

I actually forgot about Sister Cecilia. I'll have to remember next time.

Jessica said...

Ugh, I think you should be grateful to have missed that speech!

Great pic. I do adore a good cemetery!