Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Road Trip

I embark tomorrow on a six-day long journey. I am leaving in the morning and driving my mom to Pennsylvania. There, she will be staying with my grandparents and helping out with the annual Mountain Craft Days festival at the Somerset County Historical Center. This is something she's been doing for the past few years and I helped out last year. However, this year will be a bit different.

After crashing at the grandparents' house tomorrow night, I will turn around and head down to Baltimore to attend the 195th anniversary of the Battle of Baltimore (War of 1812) at Fort McHenry. I've actually been looking forward to this event for two years now because we were unable to attend last year. There are only three or four of us attending, and we will be falling in with another group. However, in looking at the program itinerary it appears to be a very full, but fun weekend.

Once I'm through in Baltimore on Sunday I will return to Pennsylvania, spend the day there on Monday visiting with some folks, and return home on Tuesday. While I'm looking forward to the trip, it will be a little strange because I will not have computer or Internet access for most of the time I'm gone. I'm not one to be disconnected for very long, so this will be weird for me. Usually when I am on the road I am staying in hotels and take the laptop with me. This time there's no point in it because my grandparents have no Internet (nor a computer for that matter) and while in Baltimore I'll be camping. Six days without email, sports news, Facebook, or any of the other things I'm accustomed to will be a big change, not to mention having to weed through all the various inboxes when I return. At any rate, don't look for any updates from me for at least six days.

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