Sunday, June 28, 2009

NC Maritime Museum

Ten days since my last post, but there really hasn't been anything too interesting going on in that time. I've been working on a book review, trying to keep up with my summer classes (which is always hectic), and lots of the routine stuff at work. However, things are about to get busy again over the next few weeks and it all began yesterday.My wife, Lori, tried on my flat hat, but it was a bit too big for her.

Me and some of my mates from the Carolina Living History Guild headed down to Beaufort to the NC Maritime Museum, which is where my wife works. We had been asked to do a Saturday living history program and it just so happened that the date we selected was also during the Beaufort Historical Association's annual historic homes tour. This worked out really well for us because lots of folks were already in town for the tour. We set up displays on uniforms, small arms, and steam engines, and portrayed both Union and Confederate navies, both of which had ties to the town at different points during the war. We had steady visitation all day and saw over 600 folks come through. One of the day's highlights was a visit from fellow historian, author, and US Army officer, Wade Sokolosky. Wade is a native of Beaufort and has just recently returned from a tour of duty in Afghanistan; I was very glad that had the opportunity to come by the museum for a brief visit. All in all, it was a good day, and we even got a little silly towards the end, as you'll see in the photos.Al Mitchell talking to visitors about steam engines
Don Smith and Ken Sewell man the ever-popular small arms displayAnd then the silliness ensued!


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NCMeekins said...

I thought sailors knew better than to stand up in a boat!

Andrew Duppstadt said...

Well Chris, it was a flat bottom boat, so it was pretty stable. And besides that, we were coming ashore and he wanted to be ready.

NCMeekins said...

Hey Andrew, I am not good come around and you could take them both out.
I will grant that he looks more likely to come ashore than Gen. Washington in that crossing the Delaware painting.

What is that in his hand? A Yankee sticker!?!

Andrew Duppstadt said...

Its a Model 1841 Ames naval cutlass, to be precise. But you can call it a Yankee sticker if you want.