Friday, June 5, 2009

Heading to ALHFAM Conference Tomorrow

I will be hitting the road very early tomorrow morning to attend the ALHFAM Annual Meeting which is conveniently being held at Old Salem in Winston-Salem, NC this year. I was fortunate to receive a fellowship from the ALHFAM Southeast Region to attend the conference. This will be my first ALHFAM conference and I am looking forward to meeting new folks and learning what this organization is all about. There appear to be some useful sessions on the schedule, as well as plenty of time to see Old Salem, a site that I've never visited. The conference runs Saturday-Tuesday and I'll try to post some brief observations while I'm there.


Jessica said...

Um, I live in W-S!!! Contact me if you have time.

Andrew Duppstadt said...

Just sent you a Facebook message. Hope to hear from you (I imagine sometime tomorrow since you are going to the concert tonight).