Monday, May 11, 2009

Loss of a Friend

Today I learned that Lonnie Gene Jarman, Jr. passed away Saturday night. I first met Lonnie when he applied for an internship at the CSS Neuse a number of years ago. He started as an intern and helped me organize the site's photograph collection, as well as some of the research files. He stayed on as a part-time tour guide for a few years. He became interested in the living history aspects of the site, made his own navy uniform, and joined our just-formed unit, the Ship's Company of the Roanoke (which is now the Carolina Living History Guild). He went to a number of events each year and continued working at the site, all while going to college part-time, working as a substitute teacher, and raising his son. He was always busy, which sometimes led to him being unreliable unfortunately. He continued working at the site after I was promoted in October 2006, but by then had quit going to events with the CLHG. After being passed over for a full-time position at the site, Lonnie became disgruntled and quit. I haven't seen him in at least a year, and probably longer. Lonnie died of peritonitis and complications following surgery. He was in his mid-40s and leaves behind a wife and son. I feel awful bad for his son, who was his life, and I wish Lonnie all the best on the other side.

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NCMeekins said...

Sorry for your loss!