Friday, April 24, 2009

Reenacting this Weekend

I'm off to Plymouth, NC today for the annual Battle of Plymouth Reenactment and Living History Weekend. I've been going to this event for three years now (this will be my fourth). This is a fun event for our group because we get to play around in a reproduction steam launch and burn a lot of black powder. This is unusual for us because we tend to focus more on living history and less on battle reenactments. This is the one event of the year where we are always guaranteed to do a lot of shooting. The event also has quite a few sutlers, so if I am need of some piece of equipment or other gear I can usually pick it up at this event. I'm only staying for Saturday this year; Sunday is usually a very slow day for us so I am skipping out on it this year to come home and get some other things accomplished. Still, it should be a fun weekend.


NCMeekins said...


You should be a History day judging some category with me.

I have yet to go to the Plymouth affair. One lecturer continues to misuse information I once related to her when she was searching for an ancestor - she misunderstood the information and, as I understand it from others, calls me a liar, flat out. Oh well, my sour grapes on your parade.

Look forward to seeing you in Richmond!

Andrew Duppstadt said...

The folks in Plymouth are pretty weird about their history; if you don't agree with them, then you are just plain wrong. Then again, Harry Thompson claims that CSS Albemarle burned 2 tons of bacon to get back upriver after the Battle of Albemarle Sound. Harry has published a couple of books recently, including one on the Albemarle, but I just can't bring myself to buy them. While he generally knows his stuff, I also know that the "2 tons of bacon" story will be in there too, so I can't take him seriously.

But hey, I go there for the reenacting, not for a stimulating historical lecture or anything.

See you on Wednesday! Shall we meet up at the registration area?

NCMeekins said...

Harry is a gem. I was just finishing my thesis when I first met him - he was a bit miffed that I was not more shocked at his story of Union soldiers from NC. I explained about my work in Elizabeth City. He really did not like me then; I guess I stole his thunder or something. But he was nice enough afterwards - just not so dang gum gushingly friendly as before - nor did he have any more stories for me. AH, well. See I did not get to hear about the bacon...