Friday, April 10, 2009

I've Been Busy

I didn't realize how long it's been since I've posted, but damn I've been busy! Our weekend in Historic Bath went very well. The site staff showed us the greatest hospitality and we really enjoyed ourselves. We had about 150 visitors, but it was a steady flow throughout the day. Those in attendance all agreed that we'd be willing to go back for another event in the future.
4/5 of our merry little band at Bath (Mike Williams was sitting under the fly at the time) L-R John Moseley, Myron Roltson, me, and Chris Grimes

On Tuesday and Thursday, I spent the day at Brunswick Town-Fort Anderson helping with an archaeology project. The site staff is working on rebuilding one of the fort's gun emplacements with a firing reproduction 32-pounder cannon. The archaeological dig was to try to find remnants of the original gun platform, which they did find. I did a little bit of everything from digging, to sifting, to serving as staff photographer. It was a very satisfying project for me, and my first archaeological experience.I am in the middle of the photo wearing a red hat and black t-shirt. We are listening to Assistant State Archaeologist John Mintz discussing some point about the excavation.

Finally, on Wednesday I went to East Carolina University to serve as a judge for their regional National History Day competition. Paired with a public history grad student from ECU, I judged middle school student exhibits. National History Day is something I've helped out with for the past three years and it's normally quite interesting.

So, I have been rather busy and I hope to get back to regular posting now. Of course, next weekend I'm headed to Fort Dobbs to help out with their annual War for Empire living history and reenactment event. Surely, an event that will be worthy of a post!

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