Thursday, February 19, 2009

Don't Fear the Twitter

Check out this post from Kevin Levin's blog, Civil War Memory. Though Kevin is specifically addressing the use of Web 2.0 technology as a teacher, I think there are parallels that museum professionals can draw from this. We've recently had discussions throughout our Division about the use of Facebook. A number of our historic sites have set up Facebook group and/or fan pages and are communicating with their audiences using this technology. The NC Department of Cultural Resources has its own Facebook page, and I have recently started an employee group page for NC Historic Sites that the Education Branch (myself included) is using to disseminate information on museum education and other related issues. My personal opinion is that sites/museums that don't use this technology to reach their audiences are falling behind. I think Kevin is correct to say that fearing the technology is also a bad thing. The train has left the station; we need to either get on or get run over.

Don’t Fear the Twitter

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Kim said...

I agree, Andrew. Web 2.0 helps archives and special collections libraries better market themselves, as well as our museum friends. There are many institutions, large and small, utilizing blogs, Flickr, etc. and the public (i.e. our users) LOVE it! Duke University Archives has received a lot of positive feedback from alumni regarding our flickr site (and subsequent donations) and I know the folks at UNC processing the Hugh Morton photographs have captivated an audience with its processing blog, "A View to Hugh." I'm still amazed at my colleagues around the country who still find it difficult to embrace Web 2.0, like it's scary and going to bite.