Thursday, February 19, 2009

Cleaning Up the Reading List

If you take a look at the "What I'm Currently Reading" sidebar you will see that I just finished Colin Calloway's excellent book The Scratch of a Pen. In keeping with the theme, I have decided that I will now pick up Fred Anderson's The War That Made America: A Short History of the French and Indian War. I'm not exactly sure why I've gotten onto this F&I War trend, but I guess maybe it's a break from the type of stuff that I usually read. The Calloway book was really an easy read, and I'm hoping for the same with Anderson's work. Also note, that I have removed James Volo's Blue Water Patriots from the list. There's nothing at all wrong with the book, but almost immediately after I started reading it, other things caught my interest and I've not been able to return to it with any enthusiasm. I'll have to pick it back up at a later date.


Michael W. said...

F&I war? Bah, the separatist up in Quebec have raised such a stink, they have canceled the commemoration of the 250th on site.

I want to know how was the book on the civil war rifled musket's effectiveness. Thinking about getting a copy, but too cheap to do it without a review.

Andrew Duppstadt said...

Ah, now I understand Scott Douglas' comment on his Facebook page the other day (about Quebec). I'll have to look up a news story about that; I'd like to know more.

As for the Earl Hess book, go back and take a look at my blog post from January 12. If you want more info than what's included there let me know and I'll fill you in this weekend. See you soon messmate!