Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Interesting Few Days

On Saturday we had a great time at Fort Fisher's 144th anniversary program. It was crystal clear, but cold, and the visitor turnout was tremendous. Had a good day firing the artillery as you can see in the photo below, taken by Mattie McMurray.

Sunday was a great sports day. The Pens shut out the Rangers 3-0 and the Steelers are headed to the Super Bowl. After all of this, the holiday on Monday felt more like a Sunday.

Today is just strange. We're supposed to be having truckloads of snow dumped on us, but so far, its been just enough to dust the trees a bit. Maybe we'll get more later, but this is looking like a bust at this point and I'm wondering if I should have gone to the office. Oh well, better safe than sorry. I'll just lounge around and read my book all day.


Jann said...

It's a good thing you didn't go to the office. We got about 5 inches here and it probably won't melt until late tomorrow. I won't be going in first thing in the morning at any rate.

Jann said...

Good thing you didn't go to Kinston. We got 5 inches here and it doesn't look like it will melt any until mid-day tomorrow. I don't plan to get to the office first thing in the morning anyway!

RoadDog said...

Were you able to see the O'Sullivan presentation? If so, how was it?

Andrew Duppstadt said...

I did not get to see the O'Sullivan presentation because I was too busy otherwise. I did however hear lots of very good feedback from folks that had seen it.

Randy said...

Nice to see you at Fisher again. A handful of us stayed in the visitor center Friday night; that was interesting! A cold but good time for sure.
All we got in Goldsboro was a dusting, maybe an inch or two. I was hoping for more, but alas, no luck this time. Oh well, there's always next time. See you soon.


Andrew Duppstadt said...

Hi Randy. Amy told me she took pity on you guys and let you sleep in the building. Good thing too, considering how cold it was. See you soon!