Monday, December 15, 2008

Slavery and Black Confederates Have Been Misrepresented (Really?)

This post is really for Kevin Levin (Happy Holidays, Kevin!). If you read Civil War Memory you know Kevin's long-held position on the issue of black Confederates, and his particular disagreements with an historian who is mentioned in the following articles. As food for thought and to generate discussion, here are three articles that appeared in local eastern NC papers recently about a new Confederate monument in the small town of Seven Springs. This is a very important location in eastern NC Civil War history, as it is the building site for the hull of the Confederate ironclad CSS Neuse. There was a small battle fought there in December 1862 as part of a larger expedition by Union General John G. Foster, a raid that culminated in the Battle of Goldsboro Bridge. So, read these three articles and enjoy (Kevin and everyone!)

Goldsboro News-Argus
Kinston Free Press 1
Kinston Free Press 2

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