Thursday, December 11, 2008

One Project Down

I just finished and submitted by book review of Hugh Rankin's The North Carolina Continentals. That review will be published in The Journal of the North Carolina Association of Historians, an annual publication that comes out each year in March. With this and other reading I am beginning to expand my knowledge of the American Revolution, particularly in North Carolina and the South. That's useful not only for my living history activities, but also for work. One quick quote I wanted to share from the book. I found this one to be absolutely hilarious. Its a quote by Governor Abner Nash in reference to the government of North Carolina in April 1781:

"We have gone (as usual) the wrong track, nothing will ever set us right, we are a cowardly revengeful set of wretches too contemptible to merit a blessing or exact a damn."

Pretty harsh words, especially since he was including himself in the group he was referencing. I'd be willing to bet most modern-day politicians wouldn't say anything such as this. It certainly was a different time.


chris said...

Wow, what a wonderful epithet. Great find.

Jessica said...

That's great!