Sunday, December 21, 2008

Halifax and Tryon Palace

In a previous post I mentioned two Christmas programs that I'd be taking part in, and both of those are now over. On December 13 we convened at Historic Halifax for their Colonial Christmas. The weather was nice, though chilly and the crowds were about twice what they were last year. We set up shop in the Tap Room, a reconstructed colonial tavern with all reproduction furnishings, which means we can actually "use" the building (i.e. sit on the chairs, have food on the tables, etc.). Mrs. Chris Barber provided a variety of colonial fare, we did small arms drill and demonstrations, and fired the swivel gun a few times. We also provided the color guard at the head of the Halifax Christmas parade. This photo isn't the best, but that's us. We had a great time and will continue to do this program each year as long as they'll have us.The guy in front, dressed in black is the official Halifax town crier, Wrenn Phillips; he is not a part of our group.

Yesterday a few of us went to Tryon Palace to muster with the Craven County Militia circa 1770. We ate well (Irish oats & brown sugar for breakfast, salt pork with rice and peas for lunch, and oysters and shrimp for dinner). We did small arms drill and demonstrations, cleaned weapons, and talked with visitors about the requirements of militia duty in the colonies. The candlelight tours were sold out despite an intermittent rain and a good time was had by all. This is the type of program I really enjoy; it's very laid back, yet interactive and educational for the public. It was very simply a great way to spend a Saturday, and it sure beat being out in the crowds shopping.

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