Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Catching Up While Falling Behind

Well, since my trip to Colonial Williamsburg and the Thanksgiving holiday, I've totally neglected not only my own blog, but my usual blog reading. So I've been catching up on that, while I seem to be falling behind on other projects, that in reality are much more important. You see, I stacked up two big deadlines on top of one another (knowingly) and now I'm paying for it. I feel like I'm in grad school again, but as my boss says, "You work well under pressure." I guess the next two and a half weeks will be the measure of that statement. Anyway, a few interesting tidbits to share:

Check out my messmate Mike Williams' blog; he's been a blogging fool as of late.

Also, a hat tip to Kevin Levin for posting this disturbing news about one of the country's premier Civil War sites, Pamplin Park. This certainly cannot bode well for the museum world.

Anyway, I'll post more as my pressing projects begin to shake out. Until then, I hope you are all enjoying the weeks leading up to the holidays and not getting buried in the rush!

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