Monday, November 17, 2008

Three Days in Colonial Williamsburg

I am currently in Colonial Williamsburg, sadly enough for the first time ever. I am attending the conference Metalworking for Revolution. Jim McKee, historic interpreter at Brunswick Town-Fort Anderson is here with me. Last night we attended an opening lecture by CW's master blacksmith and a reception. Today we had sessions on bayonets and tomahawks, and die forging gun lock parts, then got to visit the historic shops to actually watch them working on projects. I've reconnected with the blacksmith I met at Mountain Craft Days in Pennsylvania back in September, who is also attending the conference. We also got to meet former Tryon Palace blacksmith Shelton Browder. Here's a few photos: Jim McKee, Shelton Browder, and yours truly Shelton talking to Jim McKee and other conference participants.

We visited some of the shops on Duke of Gloucester Street, I bought my tricorn hat that I wanted, and we attended a reception at Shields' Tavern. Afterwards, it was off to dinner at Chowning's Tavern, which included musical entertainment and a magic show (all colonial period of course). On the walk back to the hotel we stopped in at the Barnes & Noble, which is no ordinary Barnes & Noble. This store also serves as the campus bookstore for the College of William and Mary. It has the largest history section of any Barnes & Noble I've ever seen, and also one of the largest cafe areas. It is certainly one of the nicer bookstores I've visited in recent memory. More updates throughout the week.

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