Tuesday, November 18, 2008

More Fun at Colonial Williamsburg

Jim McKee and I continue to have a most excellent time at Colonial Williamsburg. The highlights of today's program were the session on cannon founding, watching them pour molten metal in the foundry, and snow flurries. Yes, it snowed here today, but it was nothing more than brief flurries. So, without further adieu, more photos! Pouring molten brass in the foundry
Making a mold for a mortar
Me in the arms magazine; "Mecca" as McKee refered to it.


Mike W. said...

O.K. Andrew,

Love the grin on your face in the Magazine picture, but remember the line from the Georgia Satellites song if you go back in there,

"Don't gimme no lines, and keep your hands to yourself"


Jann said...

Good Heavens! There will be no bringing you back to earth for a while after hanging out with all those firearms. Glad you are having fun and learning stuff. And most likely stimulating the economy in that fabulous bookstore!