Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Final Day at CW

Our stay in Colonial Williamsburg has come to an end. Tomorrow morning we will hit the road southbound. Today offered a few more memorable moments however, but none so good as tonight's banquet. The food was excellent, we received a visit from Thomas Jefferson, and I won a very special door prize. They were drawing numbers for a handful of items made by the CW tradesmen in their demonstrations this week. The gunsmith also makes stamps and dies for embossing. In his demonstration of this trade he made a stamp that had an anchor design. This was one of the items up for the drawing. No sooner had I said to Jim how I'd love to have that stamp than my number was called. It was the first number called, no less. What a great way to wrap up a tremendous trip! Now more photos: Jim talking to the wheelwright's apprentice about a cannon wheel
Bruton Parish Church Interior of Bruton Parish Church


chris said...

What they need is Lt. Maynard!

Sounds like you've seen some awesome stuff at CW. I'm jealous.

Court said...

Glad you had such a great experience! Did Thmoas Jefferson have any sage words of wisdom?

Andrew Duppstadt said...

Sage words of wisdom? Yes. It would be nice if our modern day politicians maintained some early 19th century sensibilities. I think our politicians of today would benefit from spending a bit of time with the 3rd President.