Saturday, October 11, 2008

Heading to Alamance Tomorrow

Tomorrow afternoon I will load up the van with all my 18th century living history gear and head out to Burlington, NC. I will be assisting Alamance Battleground with their Colonial Living Week event on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. This is a week-long event during which the site hosts about 1,500 local school children and home schoolers. Having only two full-time staff members at the site means that they need lots of help to do this program. I will set up a colonial sailor display for the three days I am there, as well as helping with artillery demonstrations. My shipmate Mike Williams will be joining me on Monday, so it should be a good time.


Kim said...

Hope you're having fun. I visited there a couple of Saturdays ago, for the first time. As we walked into the cabin on-site, we were warned that snakes like to get into the cabin and may fall onto our heads. That was comforting.

Mike said...


Sorry that I punk'd out on you Monday but by the time I got out of Williamsburg Sunday night, I wasn't in any shape to drive home with the knees from hell. I ended up spending the night with friends.

I owe you one.


Andrew Duppstadt said...

Bill Thompson said you visited the site; he must have been your tour guide. Bill's old school, but he's a hoot. The man can tell some stories

Chris said he saw you at CW and that you seemed a bit hobbled. I figured it was the knees talking to you when you didn't show on Monday. I actually left and came home a day early because the wife is sick and needed some help around the house and with the kid. I hated to leave, but Bryan understood.

Kim said...

Bill was very funny. My friends and I especially enjoyed his "If this was indeed the first battle of the Revolution, I'd be wearing an NPS uniform."

Andrew Duppstadt said...

Ha! That's Bill alright. We love to get a few beers in him and turn him loose; it's a four hour long comedy show.