Friday, September 5, 2008

Mountain Craft Days - Day One

I spent the day today roasting and grinding coffee beans, and keeping watch on a couple of dutch ovens. I was participating in the 39th Annual Mountain Craft Days at the Somerset County Historical Center in Pennsylvania. My family has always participated in this event and at volunteered at the museum. I was a Junior Historian back in the early 1980s and today I was training current Junior Historians to do some of the jobs I was doing. Tomorrow and Sunday I will be in the maple sugar camp, boiling sugar water to make maple syrup (YUM!). I talked to a lot of awesome craftsmen today, and I'll blog more of that later. Here's a few photos of me and my cousin Ryan (the one who's going to Scotland in two days).

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Jann said...

Hey, bring me back some of that maple "shuga" if you think about it!