Tuesday, September 9, 2008

In Rochester

I arrived in Rochester about 2:30 this afternoon. After checking in at the hotel, I went to conference headquarters and picked up my registration packet, then proceeded to explore some of downtown, at least a two block radius from the hotel. Rochester is an interesting city, but I'm not terribly impressed with it so far. I have a couple of issues with the hotel. The room is nice enough, but its on the end of the building so when the wind kicks up it sounds like a train blowing past my room. It is also right across from the service elevator for the housekeeping staff, so even now, at almost 8:00 p.m. I keep hearing a lot of noise out in the hall. And, the kicker is that the Wi-Fi connection is terribly slow. Maybe its just because my room is out on the end of the building, but it just seems very slow. Maybe I'll have better luck in the lobby tomorrow. I was going to leave you with the view from my room, but this connection is so slow I can't even upload photos, or attach them to emails. LodgeNet sucks! And for some reason I can't connect to the city's free citywide Wi-Fi either. More later (I hope).

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