Thursday, August 7, 2008

A-Pyrating I Will Go (sort of)

This is my friend Greg and me. He is from western PA and works for the National Park Service. I met him at the weapons course in February and he has a peculiar interest in pirates. So I sent him the website link for the Beaufort Pyrate Invasion. I thought he might find it amusing. Then he called and said that he and his girlfriend were coming to take part in the festivities. So starting tomorrow morning I will spend most of the weekend with Greg and Rachel doing a lot of pirate stuff. I'm not very enamored of pirates; in fact, I think most of it is overdone and terribly hokey. But, for Greg, I will go a-pyrating for the weekend. Should be interesting.

As a follow-up, for more info on pirates in Beaufort and a Spanish invasion, check out the latest post at the Beaufort Blog.

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Chris Grimes said...

I have only one word for you...."Aaaaaarrrrggggghhhhh"!