Thursday, July 10, 2008

This Evening's Toast

From the Mariner's Book of Days:

To a bloody war or a sickly season.

I have to admit, this one I don't totally understand. I get the bloody war part of it, because sailors thrived on adventure and potential fame. But the sickly season part is what I don't get. Any ideas?


mrwill said...

Andrew, Andrew, Andrew,

As a long time state employee you should know this one.

A bloody war or sickly season means more chances for promotion to a higher rank or command as your fellow officers go down. Not cynical just realistic. GRIN


scott s. said...

Promotion by seniority means waiting for vacancies?

Andrew Duppstadt said...

It's been a long week Mike. I should have figured that one out, but my brain is just too taxed at this point. In fact, I think more crap has hit the proverbial fan this week than in a very long time. I'd be waiting for the other shoe to drop if I thought there were any more left.

mrwill said...

Sorry to hear that shipmate. Maybe it's time for you and your lovely lady to follow Chris's example and take a cruise. Best way I know of to clear the cobbwebs out.

Hey Scott,

The Royal Navy career pyramid had limited slots even if you had seniority. Case in point, if a man was a captain of a frigate, he would stay there as long as possible because he would be more likely to make good prize money that he would commanding a ship of the line. Now if he sticks his head in the way of a Frog 18 pounder, well, there is a opening.