Friday, June 6, 2008

Slowing Down for the Summer (sort of)

The Carolina Living History Guild is taking a break of sorts this summer. To be honest, it usually is our slowest time of the year anyway, but this year seems unusually so. In June, our Continental Line guys have a small one-day living history program. In July, we have a Maximum Effort Civil War navy event. In August, we have a small one-day living history for the Rev War navy and Continental Line. So you're probably thinking, "well that's one event a month." However, compared to the two or three events per month in February, April, and May it seems like a break.

Of course, my personal schedule gets no easier with artillery shoots at Fort Macon and Fort Fisher in June, following a three-day long historic weapons certification class next week (more on that later). Add to that the fact that we are still trying to find a place to live and get moved, and it all makes for a very busy summer for me! This week the temps hit the mid-90s for the first time, so summer really is here. Stay tuned for blogging on all the summertime activities, starting next week.

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