Saturday, June 7, 2008

Heading to the Mountains

Tomorrow morning I am off to the mountains of NC to conduct a three-day long historic weapons certification course for Historic Sites staff. Our courses are very similar to the National Park Service course that I attended in February except for the fact that we break our courses into small arms one year and artillery the next. It makes for a shorter and more manageable class. This year's class is small arms and is being held at one of my favorite sites, Vance Birthplace. The course will be held on Monday, Tuesday, and a half-day Wednesday, which is when we go to the shooting range to do our live fire exercise.

The class is divided into 18th and 19th century sections. This year we have a rather large class, with 20 participants in the 18th century and 17 participants in the 19th century. I think everyone is eager to attend and is looking forward to a good time. The sites in the western part of the state seem very remote to folks in the east and many of the participants have not been to them so it's a chance for everyone to see something they may not ever go to see. We have also lined up an evening tour on Tuesday at the Thomas Wolfe Memorial for those who are interested. While it will be a long week, it should be a lot of fun and I hope to post some photos and updates as the week goes along.

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