Friday, June 20, 2008

General Updates

There are a few general things I thought I'd update everyone on.

1. Change of work schedule - This week was supposed to be my first week of working four 10-hour days. Now that Caitlin is out of school and I no longer have to drop her off I figured I'd cut back one day a week to save on the gas (my round trip to work and back is 92 miles). In actuality, I worked one 10-hour day and three 8-hour days due to other things that came up.

2. Not adding up - If you added up my time worked this week from the above paragraph you will realize that it doesn't equal 40 hours. Fear not! I am working tomorrow at Fort Fisher. The site is having their early summer artillery program tomorrow. If you're in the greater Wilmington area tomorrow and have a chance, come on down to Fort Fisher to see some cannon shootin'!

3. Update on my dad - I haven't updated my dad's situation in quite a while. In fact, I can't remember where I left that storyline. Anyway, he's been in Woodberry Wellness nursing home in Hampstead for the past month or so and has been recovering rather nicely from his two brain surgeries. Unfortunately, I see his Alzheimer's getting a bit worse (one day when I was there he thought he was in Charlie Battery in Vietnam). Anyway, Dad passed a major milestone this week by passing his latest swallow evaluation. This was a major hurdle, and one that should get him past the feeding tube. Doctors are now saying that he can eat anything he wants to because his swallowing reflex has recovered. Another milestone is that his birthday is tomorrow and he is turning 71.

4. Moving - We still haven't found a place to move to. We looked at a house in downtown Swansboro this week, but it was just too small. So we're still looking, but I'm getting a bit worried at this point. We need to find something in the next couple of weeks.

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