Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Plymouth Event This Weekend

I would encourage anyone who reads this blog to jump over to my buddy Chris Grimes' blog Albemarle Soundings and check out his latest post. Its sort of a brief history of how our group, the Carolina Living History Guild got its start. At least that's where it ends up. The main point of the post is that the annual living history and reenactment at Plymouth, NC is slated for this weekend. We always have fun playing Union Navy and working on the full-size reproduction of a period steam launch. In the evenings (if we manage to escape getting drafted to help with the torchlight tour) we get to sit around camp, socialize, and enjoy some cigars and/or pipes and our favorite libations. Hopefully this year will be as much fun as in the past.


mrwill said...

Pipes and cigars? Bah, what about snuff?



Andrew Duppstadt said...

That vile weed for which our state is famous comes in many forms and I say "to each his own."

Randy said...

Look forward to seeing you this weekend in Plymouth. We (Andrews' Battery) will be doing Union artillery and if past events are any indication, we'll end up engaging the Albemarle on Saturday from our position on the left flank of the Union line, just along the river bank. Looks like we'll be "team-mates" this weekend. See you Saturday!