Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Catching Up

I want to take a few moments to finish talking about my trip to Annapolis. As I said earlier I was the guest speaker at the 12th Annual Confederate Navy/Marine Corps Day. My presentation was about the CSN and CSMC in North Carolina and how they are portrayed and interpreted at the various historic sites around the state. My goal was to show how active the Confederate naval services were in eastern NC during the war, and how that service is not forgotten by modern historians and reenactors. My presentation was very well received and many of the folks present had North Carolina connections through either ancestors or more immediate family. I was very surprised to see one gentleman with a CSS Neuse shirt which he had bought on a recent visit to the site (I was the Assistant Manager there for over five years).

Unfortunately the crappy weather forced them to cancel the wreath laying at the graves of Commander James Waddell and Lt. Thomas St. George Pratt, as aforementioned. Still, I managed to go the cemetery and get some photos of those graves before leaving. Photos follow. After my presentation I walked the Annapolis historic district, which is very nice. I stayed out as long as I could stand the weather then headed back to the hotel for the rest of the evening. I hope to make a return trip to Annapolis and Baltimore when I am not as pressed for time and hopefully the weather is better.

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