Tuesday, February 26, 2008

On the Road Again

No, the old Willie Nelson song is not what I'm referencing in the title of this post, but that song is running through my head these days. Seems I just got back from the two weeks in Alabama and now, tomorrow morning I am heading out again. This time its to Alamance Battleground for a day-and-a-half costuming workshop. This particular workshop was organized by my colleague Chris Graham and focuses on the colonial and Revolutionary period. This is certainly an area where my knowledge is lacking, so it will be a learning experience for me. I am actually helping to teach part of this thing - the part that deals with how to purchase items through our state's online purchasing system, known to us as Eprocurement. Yeah, it sounds like a snooze and I may hear some snoring, but at least it is one thing I know about.

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