Saturday, February 9, 2008

Hitting the Road

Tomorrow morning I will set out on a road trip, the proportions of which I have never done. My colleague Guy Smith (Site Manager of the CSS Neuse/Richard Caswell Memorial) and I are heading to Fort McClellan, Alabama for two weeks to participate in the National Park Service's black powder certification class. Our division always tries to send two of our black powder instructors to this course, which is held every four years. I will be taking the 19th century section of the course and Guy the 18th century section. I will blog the experience as much as possible because the military has agreed to allow us Internet access on the base (very nice of them). At any rate, we'll be doing a lot of shooting with both small arms and artillery so it should be a fun-filled two weeks. We also have a couple of road trips planned for next weekend, since we have Saturday and Sunday off. This should prove to be a most excellent adventure (thanks to Bill and Ted for that line).

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