Sunday, February 17, 2008

Alabama - Day Seven

Two mini-road trips this weekend yielded lots of photographs, so I'll be challenged in electing which ones I want to share here. Our first road trip was yesterday to the National Civil War Naval Museum in Columbus, GA. If you haven't visited, this is an awesome museum with a ton of great stuff to see, including mock-ups of the CSS Albemarle casemate, the USS Monitor turret, and parts of the interior of the USS Hartford; the remains of the ironclad CSS Jackson; and of course, a ton of naval artifacts. Now for some photos.Hilt of the sword carried by Surgeon Daniel Conrad, Confederate surgeon on the USS Underwriter expedition.Personal flag of US Admiral David Dixon Porter.

Today's road trip took us to Horseshoe Bend National Military Park, a site where in March 1814 Andrew Jackson and over 3000 troops defeated 1000 Creek Indians, thus ending the Creek War. The nature trail is a great hike, the battlefield is very nice and also well-interpreted, the exhibits, though small are good, and the orientation film is excellent. This park is pretty well out of the way in rural eastern Alabama, but its well worth the trip. Photos:
6-pounder in its original position on the battlefield.Looking at the battlefield from behind Jackson's lines.

Tomorrow we go back to work, so to speak. Our written exam is on Tuesday, so I will post again after we're through that ordeal. Much studying will be done between now and then.


RoadDog said...

I went to the National CW Naval Museum back whenit was the Confederate Naval Museum. There wasn't much to it back then compared to what you're talking about.

Do you figure Porter's flag was flying at FF?

There is an article in today's New Bern paper about the capture of the Underwriter.

Andrew Duppstadt said...

Don't know if Porter's flag flew on the Malvern during the Fort Fisher assaults or not.

Also, I'm pretty sure I know the author of the Underwriter article in the New Bern paper. I've helped him with some research and proofed part of his article. I hope its good!