Monday, February 11, 2008

Alabama - Day One

No, I'm not going to blog every day while I'm here. That will be impossible and would certainly get a little boring. After being here for 28 hours I think I am finally settled in. The BOQ rooms are nice; my room has been a little on the warm side, but I finally figured out how to operate the heating and cooling system (I think). The Internet connection was crappy last night, but seems to be fine today and I hope that keeps up. Meals at the "dining facility" as the instructors are calling it are good, especially breakfast. There are a fair number of restaurants in town as well, so lots of options to choose from there.

First day of class was good. My partner on this trip commented that he didn't learn anything new today, but of course most of it was very basic. I had some difficulties in getting my rifle disassembled, mainly because it hasn't ever been taken apart before. I'm sure once this course is over it will be well broken in. I've had a chance to meet a few new folks already and most are very nice. The instructors seem firm and serious, but accommodating and willing to help. I am noticing that NPS folks have a slightly different outlook on the world than what I am used to in NC Historic Sites, but I can't quite put my finger on what that is; I just know that it's different. More to come later.


mrwill said...


Ah come on, blogg every day. You know you want to....

Be sure and tell "mugsy" that Dr. Mike said "hey"


Andrew Duppstadt said...

Gee, do I detect some sarcasm? Oh wait a minute, of course I do, its Dr. Mike. BTW, Mugsy was wearing his pink and orange tie dye House in the Horseshoe t-shirt yesterday. Stylin'. Tim Boyd and Bert Dunkerly from Moore's Creek are here too, as well as a lady (can't remember her name) from Cowpens. No one from Guilford Courthouse though. Hope to see you at an event soon.


Jim said...

Anywhere around Decatur, by chance?

mrwill said...

Tim and Burt too? What a bunch!

Who me? Sarcasm? NEVER! GRIN

You will, trust me. I gotta justify my '42 springfield. Now all I gotta do is get the uniform together. With my weight gain, I am worried that I will look like the marshmallow man in ghostbusters when I kit out. GRIN

Ya'll be careful down there.

Andrew Duppstadt said...

Not sure where Decatur is, but we are in northern Alabama, just a few miles from Jacksonville and about an hour east of Birmingham.