Friday, February 15, 2008

Alabama - Day Five

OK, so I seem to have gotten into an odd day rotation here, which is fine. The first black powder was burned today. It was supposed to have been done yesterday, but the instructors felt that we hadn't drilled enough on artillery, so they cancelled our range day and had us drilling. This afternoon we headed to the range to do the only small arms blank firing we will do. I shot 30 blank rounds today, which is more than I shoot at any given time during the year except maybe at the Battle of Plymouth reenactment. After the shooting of course came the cleaning. I can honestly say that I've never cleaned a weapon so thoroughly in my ten years of living history. This is something I should really get used to. So tonight it is time to unwind. I am doing laundry, drinking a bit of rum, and reading a book. Tomorrow Guy and I head to Columbus, GA and the National Civil War Naval Museum, then Sunday we are heading to Horseshoe Bend National Military Park. I'll be sure to report on our trips Sunday evening, because after all, it will be Day Seven.

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