Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Cool Stuff I Got for Christmas

I hope everyone has had a joyous and peaceful holiday, and I hope that you got everything you wanted. There are a few things I received that I felt were noteworthy of blog mention.

1. Those that know me well, especially my boss and Chris Grimes over at Albemarle Soundings, will appreciate the fact that I received $40 worth of Bojangles gift certificates. I can hear Jann and Chris both chuckling as they read this one!

2. Every year my mom buys me a Civil War calendar of some sort. This year it turns out to be one featuring Matthew Brady photographs (some well known, others not so much so).

3. Lori bought me a copy of The Everything Knots Book, a guide to tying every type of knot imaginable. This will be handy since I sometimes talk about rope and knot work at our living history shows.

4. Quite possibly the COOLEST thing I got this year, though was also from Lori. She found it and the knot book in a nautical themed store in Beaufort called Scuttlebutt. It is the 2008 Mariner's Book of Days by Peter H. Spectre. This is a calendar/day planner that also has all kinds of interesting information, anecdotes, and nautical stories on each page. Not only is it extremely interesting, but it will surely provide me with weekly blogging material. It is a unique gift that I think will prove very rewarding throughout the entire year. What more could you ask for from a gift?


mrwill said...

Very nice haul for christmas Andrew!

I would like to see your knot book, I will bring you a few of mine.

Mike Williams

Andrew Duppstadt said...

I'll bring it with me to some event in the future. You know, I'm not going to make it to a unit event until April because of work conflicts, etc. It'll be really strange being out of action for that long, as I've not missed very many events since the formation of the group.

So it looks like you are starting a blog. I'll be interested in reading it. Once you have it up and running with a post or two on it, I'll link it on mine so people can find you! See you soon.


mrwill said...

April? Ah man, that bites. You mean to say it is up to Chris alone to keep me out of trouble as I venture into the wonderful world of the ACW? THAT should be interesting.


Chris Grimes said...


I'm sure that Bos'un "Niblets" will be glad to assist me from letting you stray too far off course, especially since I've got a really nice cat-o-nine tails that he has been itching to use!


Andrew Duppstadt said...

Funny you should mention ole Niblets. I had a little visit with Bosun and Mrs. Niblets this afternoon. Both are well and in good spirits. He's actually excited that our Age of Sail buddy is coming over to the dark side. Mike, you made a favorable impression at Hammocks Beach last summer and Jake is looking forward to seeing you again!