Thursday, November 1, 2007

Live from Richmond!

I must say that my first night in Richmond has been worth the entire trip. I am here for the annual meeting of the Southern Historical Association. I skipped today's sessions, so the conference really began this evening for me with the Society of Civil War Historians banquet. Speakers were Alex Wise, A. Wilson Greene, and John Coski. Greene and Coski were the highlights of the evening for me, and this session was better than I ever could have hoped. The other thing that made this evening's event tremendous was the talent in that room. I have a tendency to be starstruck, but damn it when I'm in a room with the likes of Emory Thomas, Gary Gallagher, Peter Carmichael, Mark Grimsley, John Marszalek....(need I go on) I think I can be a little giddy. Oh yeah, Kevin Levin and Chris Graham were there too! I'm sure you can read more about Richmond and this conference on their blogs, and probably some others. More updates to come tomorrow.


Chris said...

Yeah... you can read about my embarrasing outburst on my blog!

I'm a fanboy, too. If I had my camera I'd be a real pain the ass.

Andrew Duppstadt said...

Fanboy? There's a term I haven't heard in a while. Nice!

Wade said...


Wish I could trade seats with you. Sounds like a great event and one that will be rewarding.

I would love to have a moment to discuss Sherman's "Hard War" with Mark Grimsley. He's a great historian of that aspect of the War.

Have fun.



Andrew Duppstadt said...

I spoke with Mark Grimsley briefly last night after the dinner. We mainly discussed the growing Civil War blogosphere. I've definitely had a good time here. One more session in the morning before I head back to Carolina.